Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear is the innovation leader in high-performance gloves, the number one brand in NASCAR, relied upon by skilled mechanics for protection, comfort, and fit. They became the best and remain the best because they have a phenomenal R&D focus, constantly looking to improve their materials and expand the applications for their tools.

Mechanix Wear

Online store, marketing sites and an internal R&D business system called GloveHaus

Mechanix Wear

So we see them as kindred spirits, always developing new ideas, always looking to improve, always looking for a great solution to a new challenge. And they clearly feel the same way about us, as they have trusted us to build the systems on which their entire business runs.

Big-brand Online Store

We first worked with Mechanix in 2008, building a website for an experimental new brand they were developing for women, called Ethel. Although the new brand didn’t take off, they were so impressed with the CMS and Online Store we’d developed for the site that they brought us in to rework the main site for Mechanix Wear.

We modeled the site on the kind of online experience you would expect from a major consumer brand like Nike or Patagonia. It’s a full-feature ecommerce site, simple to use and super-easy to maintain, with a comprehensive product catalog, online store and full-featured blog built to display video, photo galleries, articles and social media posts. And because Mechanix liked the work we did and the way we did it, when we told them we could custom-build a super-efficient, automated system capable of managing their entire research and development efforts, they trusted us to deliver.

Which is exactly what we did!

Building the GloveHaus

Mechanix is meticulous in storing mind-boggling amounts of data and has a very particular operating procedure. The last thing they wanted was to have to adapt to an off-the-shelf system that would upset their process. The system we had put in place for their website proved that we were capable of building a system around the way their business already operated, without disrupting their business practice, providing an automated digital system perfectly suited to their business operations, capable of handling any amount of work.

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