Case Study - Oakley


It's the kind of crazy success story that sounds too good to be true - guy starts a company out of his garage with $300 and builds it into a multi-billion dollar business. But that's the Oakley story. Or, at least, part of the story. The other part of the story, the crucial element in Oakley's phenomenal success, is the genius and invention that goes into creating the very best products of their kind in the world.

The extraordinary attention to detail and impeccable standards of quality that go into developing their products extends throughout the organization. But maintaining such high standards, particularly in the ever-expanding world of marketing communications, presents many challenges. Challenges that Baby Steps was only too happy to take on.

Oakley make great use of social media, developing compelling posts that reflect their brand, promote their products, and engage their audience. But taking the posts from concept to publication was a massive collaborative effort with multiple stakeholders that was getting bogged down in a cumbersome review and approval process. They relied on an Excel spreadsheet owned and accessible to only one person to manage each project and providing visibility and version control was maddeningly difficult. They simply didn't have the framework that allowed everyone involved in the process the access they needed or the reminders that were necessary to prompt people to complete their action items on time. So what was really great about their system - that many people were invested in the creation of social media posts - was also the very thing that was making the entire process cumbersome and hard to manage.

Oakley came to us with a concept of what they wanted and we brought it to life. They called it Funnel View and it's a really cool tool that helps visualize a calendar. Easily accessible by anyone involved in the project, it tells the stakeholders exactly where they are in the process of development and exactly what actions need to be taken to move it on. We made it tablet-friendly so that it's accessible 24/7 from anywhere. It's very searchable, with multiple tags including dates, subjects, and locations. It also allows you to print to PDF. It's been a huge hit at Oakley. We've created different iterations of the system for different uses, so it's used in social media development and website content. It's the perfect example of the kind of tool we can create for anyone who has information that needs to be organized and processed in a unified way. It's a super-efficient way to handle project management and inter-departmental transparency and accountability.

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