Case Study - Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull is a fearless, dynamic, incurably curious organization. Their energy drink success along with their sponsorships, promotions and ability to rapidly innovate on a massive scale has propelled their brand to worldwide prominence.

A key factor in maintaining Red Bull’s global powerhouse brand is the thrilling content they provide through RedBull.TV. Guaranteeing the very highest UI/UX standards for the millions of viewers they attract each month is absolutely crucial.  And we’re the guys they rely on to provide it.

Our relationship with Red Bull started back in 2009, before RedBull.TV even existed, when we were brought in to build their very first Flash player. When Red Bull was invited to participate in the launch of Google’s Chromecast in 2013, we were the agency they trusted to make sure that this vital project was delivered on time and without a hitch. We were so successful that Google used our app to showcase the full capabilities of Chromecast at Google I/O 2013.

Over the years, the projects we’ve developed have become more and more sophisticated. We developed the UI/UX for the RedBull.TV HTML5 player, creating all-new UI components with a completely custom player built on JW Player architecture. We enabled multiple analytics instrumentations and multiple ad platform integrations. We made it work flawlessly for linear, live and VOD usage.

The most revolutionary aspect of this player is that we enabled a multi-view, multi-camera, multi-channel user experience. It’s entirely unique – no one else can provide this kind of immersive experience, which allows the viewer to start on one channel and switch to another without ever leaving the player.

Check out the Red Bull TV Player

The player provides the tightest website integration possible, ensuring a seamless fit that allows picture-in-picture, while continuously updating the player with data from the website.

It’s a lot of work and a crazy level of sophistication, but that’s what it takes if you want to get your player embedded on sites like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin, and Vanity Fair. Our players stream content from internationally renowned events such as Lollapallooza, Bonaroo, Austin City Limits, Electric Daisy Carnival and countless live sporting events and the millions of visitors who watch them each month expect (and receive) the best user experience around.

Optimized User Experience

We ensure RedBull.TV provides a perfectly optimized experience for every kind of platform regardless of size or device. We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re using iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac; Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or IE; a mobile, tablet, desktop, or full-screen TV, you get a layout specifically customized for the platform and device you’re using. Because no one’s viewing enjoyment should be compromised by their choice of device.


We’ve been with the Red Bull team since before there was any product; we were integral in the inception, and creation of the project. We keep delivering great work, but, more than that, we’re there for them, responsive to their needs, in constant communication on a daily basis. Red Bull are sure of our industry knowledge. And all these years of working so closely together has given us a deep understanding of the Red Bull culture. That’s why they entrusted us with the task of identifying the very best player architecture for RedBull.TV. They knew we’d find a partner who provided both the best work possible and the closest cultural fit.


The projects we’re working on right now with Red Bull are every bit as groundbreaking and exciting as the ones that have gone before. There’s on-going development of features for existing and upcoming devices that we can’t wait to tell you about! Suffice to say, we’re just as excited about the latest projects as any of the first-of-its-kind things we’ve developed over the years. Working with Red Bull is endlessly thrilling – in short, they give us wings!

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