Case Study - Paragon

Paragon Language Services

Paragon Language Services provide the highest quality, innovative translation services.

From the very beginning, we’ve loved working with Paragon. They are always excited to engage with us on a new project and we’ve done an incredible range of work for them. We’re their go-to guys for all things creative and system-based, which is a lot of fun and means we get to exercise every muscle with them. We’ve even helped them out with design and art direction projects, but it’s the website we created for them that is our proudest achievement. As usual, it serves multiple purposes, all of which we addressed with custom-built solutions tailored to the way Paragon wanted to do business.

The client-facing part of the website itself is dynamic and attractive and easy to navigate, making for a great customer experience. But the functionality we built into the system for collecting information and applications is what makes it really special. Paragon employ only the most qualified and experienced language experts both as full-time and freelance employees. They have a rigorous application process that begins with the on-line application form we created for them. The goal, obviously, is to recruit the best people possible, and the last thing you want is to discourage them from applying because the online application is too unwieldy, complicated, or difficult to get around. That’s why the form we developed is super-responsive—it can be completed on multiple platforms, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. It’s easy to go through and sections can be added as needed by the applicant as they fill it out.

We followed the same idea with the other forms on the site – quote requests and contact information – so that site visitors have a straightforward and simple user experience and Paragon are able to collect essential and detailed information. And because the application involved personal data, Paragon were especially concerned that the system should be absolutely secure—which is something we think should be a priority for everyone collecting information online. That’s why we deliver it with all the sites we build.

Our work with Paragon is a perfect example of how we can create digital properties for busy service providers that offer value and functionality. Our relationship with the people at Paragon shows the amazing, rewarding relationships we develop with the people we work with.

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